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This cooperative started in 2014 with 10 men and 13 women, and was registered as a legal entity in 2015. After observing its farmers facing challenges such as low gate price of cherries by private coffee washing stations and missing second payments to farmers, the cooperative members committed to establishing their own wet mill. This year they operated their first season without any outside support except membership contributions. The workforce at the coffee washing station is 88 percent women. The co-op also uses environmental protection techniques such as water harvesting ditches for mucilage and pulp management with EM as microorganisms for decomposition.
Mulching and shade trees are used on the farms for erosion control measures, as their coffee is grown in high altitude.

  • Gisagara district , Nyanza Sector

  • Average altitude : 1,600 meters

  • Total members : 122 members

  • Women members : 113

  • Certifications Obtained : -

  • Certifications in Process : Fair Trade

  • NABONIBO Augustin/
    Phone : +250 788597044/
    Mail :