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Buhanga Coffee

This small co-op started in 2009 with seven members. After attending different trainings on cooperative management, the co-op’s members decided to establish their own wet mill with outside financing and support. Buhanga’s members are currently 387 and of these 118 are women. The cooperative is committed to protecting the environment, using ditches for management of mucilage and pulps by using microorganisms (EM) for decomposition.
The money that Buhanga’s members earn from coffee is used to improve the livelihood of their families, and to pay school fees and health insurance.

  • Gisagara district , Musha Sector

  • Average Altitude:1,500 meters

  • Total members:387 members

  • Women members:118

  • Certification:
    Fair Trade

  • Projection of Green Coffee: 53 Tones

  • Kayiranga Nathan/
    Phone: +250 0727917036/0788493042/