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This cooperative was created in 2004 and has about 1,031 members. Its coffee washing station provides jobs for many members of the community, with a workforce of 90 percent women. COCAGI’s members come from different administrative sectors, including Nzahaha, the sector recognized for having the highest amount of coffee trees in the country. In this area, the high altitude combined with volcanic soils give a unique flavor and taste to the coffee. COCAGI strives to support other producers, regardless of the amount of coffee they grow. COCAGI has been Fairtrade certified since 2005, and the co-op started exporting its certified coffee the same year.
The co-op has participated in Cup of Excellence competitions and is committed producing high-quality coffee year after year.

  • Rusizi district , Rwimbogo sector

  • Average altitude : 1,700 meters

  • Total members : 1031 members

  • Women members : 762

  • Certifications Obtained : Fair Trade

  • Certifications in Process : Rain Forest Alliance Alliance

  • Projection of Green Coffee: 90 Tones

  • Contact Information:Habimana Japhet/