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Gisuma Coffee

The farmers who process their coffee at Gisuma Coffee are farmers of the Giheke sector in Rusizi District. The cooperative started in 2009 and has empowered more than 85 percent of cooperative members in wet mill daily activities. A shining moment for Gisuma was appearing among the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Cup of Excellence competitions, taking third place with a score of 89.6. Producer-members have used earnings to improve their standards of living, with investments in livestock, access to healthcare, and programs to protect the environment.

  • Rusizi district , Giheke Sector

  • Average altitude : 1,700 meters

  • Total members: 179 members

  • Women members : 78

  • Certifications Obtained: Cafe Practice

  • Certifications in Process : Rainfall Alliance/UTZ, Fair trade

  • Projection of Green Coffee: 38 Tones

  • Contact Information :
    Ntarindwa Estache/