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Nyampinga, a name that translates to “Beautiful Women,” is a women’s cooperative in southern Rwanda. Nyampinga was one of the first two co-operatives enrolled in the Sustainable Growers program. In three years they increased production from under one 1KG per tree to over 2.2KG as well as reaching specialty grade cupping scores. The women of Nyampinga co-operative now operate a successful coffee business harvesting cherries and operating their own washing station.

  • Nyaruguru district , Rusenge Sector

  • Average altitude : 1,760 meters

  • Total members : 235 members

  • Women members : 223

  • Certifications Obtained : None

  • Certifications in Process :

  • Projection of Green Coffee: 30 Tones

  • Contact Person: NSANZIMANA Valence
    Phone: +250 785377501 /